Confluence - "enter"-key does not work anymore


im using TextBlaze mostly for Confluence (Atlassian) as a shortcut tool to insert Buttons and Fields while editing Pages, because their own menu sucks. Since a few weeks TextBlaze does not press enter anymore while inserting a shortcode in Confluence.
It does not happen when i let TextBlaze insert normal Text, enter would work then. It must have an issue with the MakroShortcut-Function from Confluence i guess.
Does someone uses it for Confluence and maybe has an idea to fix that?
As far as i know we did not get an confluence update but i cannot verify that.

My Code (but i have several of them):
{key: {}{key: shift-b}{key: o}{key: o}{key: t}{key: s}{key: t}{key: r}{key: a}{key: p}{key: space}{key: shift-b}{key: u}{key: t}{wait: delay=+1s}{key: enter}

{ starts the makro insert option from confluence, then the word "Bootstrap Button" is inserted (Button is shorted as "But" as its enough to work) and then enter should be pressed which is not happening anymore.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Juergen! Welcome to the forum! It seems that you are trying to insert a Confluence macro from Text Blaze snippet. Can you please send us an email to with a recording?