Copy of Snippet "Airtable data extracter"

Simplified version of Airtable record getter

This snippet fetches specific data from a single record in an Airtable base.

{note}{apikey=""} {base=""} {recordid=""}{endnote}
{if: apikey <> "" and recordid <> "" and base <> ""}{urlload:{=base}/VWB/{=recordid}; method=GET; done=(res) -> ["response"=catch(fromJSON(res), "???")]; headers=Authorization=Bearer {=apikey}}
Data received
All keys in response: {=keys(response)}
All keys in response.fields: {=keys(response.fields)}
Enter apikey, base and recordid to proceed

To get the apikey, generate it on your Airtable account page (keep it a secret)

If you have the record URL as:, then base=appW0...Qc06, and recordid=rec...VtB.