Copy of Snippet "Appointments Migration Intro"

Hi XXX, 

Great to meet you and welcome to Square! As XXXX mentioned, I will be taking care of your Appointments Migration + Training Package.

I’ll be here to help set up and optimize your Square account and guide you through training during our scheduled time together. I'm looking forward to helping you onboard your business onto Square Appointments.

First Priority:

  • I've created an onboarding site to help start the process, please click here to book your session. (insert your link here)  
  • Once you arrive at the onboarding page, scroll down and you will find more details about training expectations, a pre-call checklist and my booking link. Please book ONLY the kickoff call at this time.
  • If possible, try and schedule the consultation call in the next 1-3 days. The kickoff is an important call that will allow us to set timelines, goals, and priorities.

As a reminder, the purchased onboarding package includes up to 2.5 total hours of training and/or consultation sessions that are typically scheduled over the course of 2 weeks and must be completed within five business days of your go live date with Square.

Below is an overview of the steps that we will need to take (subject to change depending on your setup):

Step 1: Kick Off Meeting - 30 mins

An initial conversation to set timelines, goals, and priorities. Usually, I have questions to confirm staff, services, hardware, and checkout process for customers. We will schedule the remaining 1.5 hours of training based upon this call. 

Step 2: Dashboard Training - 1 hour

A review of Square's Online back-of-office tools. We'll review and configure settings, employee setup, item structures, sales reports, and appointments settings configuration. You only need access to a computer for this call. No Square equipment needed. This sets the groundwork for the POS call as we would have reviewed your back-of-house configuration.

Step 3: Hardware Setup (Completed by you)

Step 4: POS Training - 1 hour

A walkthrough of POS settings, start and end of day procedures, viewing your appointment calendar, ringing up an appointment and taking payments, viewing payments, refunding payments, and viewing sales reports. Square equipment must be set up (unboxed and plugged in) before this meeting.

Step 5: Final Data Migrations (For example, a gift card migration or customer migration)

Step 6: Go Live!