Copy of Snippet "Bacterial Sinusitis"

Bacterial sinusitis

sinus massage
Sinus headache - prn pain meds
Benefits outweighs the risks of empirical treatment during covid pandemic and patient does understand mild risks and VU
Abx as above /take abx  with yogurt or probiotics 
No allergy like symptoms
oral/hand hygiene
social distancing, face mask, quarantine for 10-14 days  and  longer if symptoms persist till further eval
Other symptomatic Rx as above
f/u with pcp as needed
Diagnosis and treatment plan discussed with the patient using shared decision making.  Patient voices understanding and agrees with the treatment plan.
risk, benefits, DDI,  as well as SEs of medications done. Patient understands VU. 
all questions and concerns addressed in detail
f/u in one week if symptoms do not improve or go to ER