Copy of Snippet "Content Strategy Matrix"

I want you to create a Content Strategy for me.

A Content Strategy is a document that describes a brand’s social media strategy so it know what to create content around - and what not.

It’s like a North Star for the brand’s content: it’s specific enough to serve as a guiding and reassuring document, but vague enough to leave some room for interpretation.

The brand I want you to create a Content Strategy for is [1. GIVE CONTEXT]

The target audience of this brand is [2. TARGET AUDIENCE], please draw context about their frustrations, fears, desires, and dreams from the previous output.


To create a content strategy, I want you to imagine a "Content Strategy Matrix" with an x and y axis. 

## On the x axis, you have the 3 proven content types:

1 Growth content - to get eyeballs

This is the type of content that goes viral on social media all the time.

It’s contains relatively basic information, doesn’t provide any unique value, but that’s precisely why it works so well:

It’s beginner-friendly content that promises a “quick fix”, and often appeals to the reader's fear of missing out, innate human needs (status, money, etc).

When creating good growth content, you want to ask yourself: how can I position my content as the small effort that is standing between the reader and a big benefit that appeals to as many people as possible?


2 Knowledge content - to get fans

Knowledge content educates your audience on something specific.

It is much deeper and precise than Growth content, so it appeals to a more specific audience, and solves one specific problem for them.

This actionable and informational content teaches your reader one of 2 things:

a) How to get something they really desire 

b) How to avoid something they really don’t like 

This content works because when you you solve people’s problems, they start liking you.

The key to creating good knowledge content is being aware of the problems and desires of the audience you're talking to, and then to produce the world's most valuable content for exactly that target audience.


3 Authority content - to get authority

Authority content makes your audience trust your expertise by giving them reasons to trust you, commonly through social proof.

Because even if someone knows & likes you, they won’t buy from you unless they trust in your ability to help them.

Common ways to do this are:

* Sharing testimonials
* Sharing achievements
* Sharing other social proof
* Sharing extremely-specific knowledge content

Authority content works well when it subtly addresses the big inner desire the reader has. It should give the reader the inner feeling of hope, and feel like "if this creator has proof that they helped someone else who's exactly like me, perhaps they can really help me"


## on the y axis, you have my 3 content buckets, the things I have expertise in:

1 [3.TOPIC 1]
2 [3.TOPIC 2]
3 [3. TOPIC 3]

Now, I want you to create a Content Strategy by filling out the matrix.

Fill out the matrix by applying each of the 3 proven content formats from the x axis to the 3 content buckets on the y axis.

The output should be formatted in a table, so that each resulting matrix field has a bolded headline describing it, with 2 sentences below explaining the component of the content strategy.

After outputting the table, suggest 2 content ideas for each component of the Content Strategy,