Copy of Snippet "Covering for TC Email"

1st Paragraph for emails for when doing an audit for TC who is out.

I'm one of the coordinators on {formmenu: default=Thomas Bayrouty; Juan Castro; Lakesha Emilcar} team and will be helping to set up your deal and get things started. {formmenu: Kristin Kanicki; default=Ken Baker; Ike Umerah} will be your primary transaction coordinator making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible and will coordinate appointment scheduling, paperwork, and important dates throughout your transaction. {formmenu: Juan Castro; default=\ Lakesha Emilcar; Thomas Bayrouty} will be your main resource for any advice or negotiations between you and the other party.

Please copy them both on all correspondence. Are there any assistants or team emails I can include on this file?