Copy of Snippet "Customer Fears, Desires, Dreams, Frustrations"

I want you to do customer research for me.

Tell me 10 frustrations, 10 desires, 10 dreams, and 10 fears that my audience experiences related to [1.WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT]. 

Here’s some information about my target audience:


The frustrations and desires should come in pairs and be opposites.

The dreams and fears should come in pairs and be opposites.

For example, if the frustration is "Struggles to attract and retain customers due to the perceived complexity and technical nature of AI solutions", the paired want would be "attracts and retains many customers because they've explained their complex product in a simple-to-understand way"

Include results that are specific to the industry and business model. 

Be as specific as you can.

Format the output of the 10 frustrations, 10 wants, 10 dreams, and 10 fears in a table.

The x axis should be numbered one to ten the y axis should include desire, frustration, dream and fear.