Copy of Snippet "Extended PTO"

{formtext: name=Name of Employee} is requesting extended PTO for {formdate: MM/DD/YYYY; name=Date} until {formdate: MM/DD/YYYY; name=Date}

Steps Taken:

  • Ticket Form Submitted Correctly: {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=Choice1}
  • PTO Calendar is available for all days: {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=Choice2}
  • The agent has sufficient PTO Balance: {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=Choice3}
  • Correct PTO Task was used : {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=Choice4}
  • Was unpaid time requested?: {formmenu: Yes; default=No; Yes - Manager Approved; name=Choice5}
  • Do we meet forecast requirements?: {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=Choice6}

Details on forecast:

Details on Risks:

Alternative Solutions if applicable:

Next Steps:
  • CC Director on the case for Approval: {formmenu: Completed; default=Not Yet; name=Choice7}
  • Emailed Requestor confirming the PTO approval or denial for the agent: {formmenu: Completed; default=Not Yet; name=Choice8}
  • Approve PTO and ensure WD Updated: {formmenu: Completed; default=Not Yet; name=Choice9}