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to instruct converted agents how to sign up next and what is different about the accounts

Go into the Agency Marketing Store and find the search tab at the top. Search by “Zipwhip” and click on Zipwhip as it appears. From there select “Visit Website” to be taken into the Sign Up flow.

Notes on Farmers using Zipwhip:
You will use your Farmers email address to sign in, you do not have a username or password. 

To add a user go to your settings inside Zipwhip (gear icon on the left) > click your phone number > 'Add User' > select email ( is a username for staff email users who don't have a personalized one). 

When rerouted to a Farmers page use your individual Farmers credentials (as if you were signing into your Dashboard)

There are 4 access points for your Zipwhip account. From your Farmers Dashboard (the text icon next to the eCMS icon on home page). From, our mobile app, and our desktop application.For these three when asked for "Phone number or username" enter Farmers email address (or @farmersoktauser if applicable) > "taking you to your company log in page" > enter the username and password used for your Farmers dashboards. 

Useful links:
Documents for reference:

Farmers Insurance 'Highspot' information page:

YouTube channel:

Support: - for your integration not all of these answers will apply to you but we're always happy to help differentiate. 

Download Desktop Application:  *If you have a Windows computer select the 64-bit option