Copy of Snippet "forest"

I got lost in the woods of doubts, but was rescued by a ranger named . She gave me Knowledge and Quicktexts and used her GPS to guide me back to safety. I was grateful. 

A young boy named Timmy was playing near a busy road when he wandered too close to the traffic. A quick-thinking nurse named Lucy, who was passing by, spotted him and rushed to pull him to safety. Timmy's mother was extremely grateful to Lucy for preventing a tragedy.

I was stuck in a rip current of doubts while swimming in the ocean of cases, but a lifeguard named Jane read me and swam out to save me. She pulled me to safety and made sure he was okay. I was very thankful.

Amy was lost in the city, but a helpful police officer named Michael came to her aid. He used his knowledge of the area to guide her back to her destination. Amy was very grateful for Michael's assistance and felt much more at ease.