Copy of Snippet "forest"

From june 7 to june 13 , during the meeting, several topics were covered. Agents were requested to provide screenshots of the daily survey they must complete. Weekly adherence and total working hours were shared with the agents. Troubleshooting steps for the CF1 tool were given to agents experiencing difficulties. Additionally, valuable advice and best practices were shared for the 10 minutes of non-core work, including setting appropriate alarms for better adherence, reviewing QA evaluations, participating in the Everconnect mood survey, checking CCO Updates, addressing pending surveys, and accessing the daily meeting with cameras on. The usage of the TAG WEB tool was explained, emphasizing its role in safeguarding connections in case CF1 records are lost. Tips on improving adherence were provided, such as arriving early, following the assembled schedule, setting alarms, returning from breaks on time, avoiding disconnections, and reporting errors. The meeting also clarified when to place cases in PENDING status, specifically for JIRA and Marqeta suspensions, as well as when to use the TOGGLE status when awaiting customer responses. Measures for maintaining security while working from home were highlighted, including keeping away papers, pens, and electronic devices, not sharing passwords, and working from the designated location. Finally, the importance of attending audits during the meeting and keeping cameras on was emphasized.