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From May 31 to June 6, during the meeting, agents were requested to provide screenshots of the daily survey that needs to be completed. Weekly adherence and total working hours were shared with the agents. Steps for basic troubleshooting of the CF1 tool were given to agents experiencing problems. Advice and best practices were provided for the 10 minutes of non-core work, including setting appropriate alarms for better adherence, reviewing QA evaluations, participating in the Everconnect mood survey, checking CCO Updates, addressing pending surveys, and joining the daily meeting with cameras on. An update was given that cameras should remain enabled throughout the shift, except for breaks, one-on-one sessions, and lunch. Recommendations were given on activities to perform when there are no cases, such as reading a challenging Knowledge Article, consulting a complex workflow, reviewing Observer evaluations, checking unread Slack messages, and staying active. Tips were provided to maintain good adherence, including arriving early, adhering to the Assembled tool, setting alarms, returning on time from lunch and breaks, avoiding disconnections, and reporting any errors. Advice was also given regarding the Observer tool, such as acknowledging evaluations promptly, reading non-negotiables in the Drive folder, being precise in applying Knowledge Articles, and prioritizing quality over quantity. An update was shared that CCO NEWS will no longer be accessible in a separate location or delivered to Gmail accounts.
The top performers for the month of May were announced, including Elena Ramirez, Pola Vanegas, Daniel Garcia, Carla Uscanga, and Jair Aguilar. Additionally, it was mentioned that a colleague, Alejandro Bautista, hasĀ beenĀ promoted.