Copy of Snippet "Hero Seller 2023"

{time: MMMM Do YYYY}
[Critical Info]
Business Name:

-Is your restaurant fast casual counter service or full service (QSR v FSR)? 
-What is the customer order flow? 
-Do you do delivery or online ordering?

DM Name:
Current POS:
-Who are you using for your current POS?

Pain Points?
-What’s the #1 thing you would change about your current POS?

Deal breakers?
-“If Square can’t do X, I’m not switching.”

Current hardware setup/ # of terminals:
-How many terminals do you have?

[Helpful Info]
DM Role:
Number of Locations:

Annual Rev:
Monthly GPV:
-How much in credit cards do you process monthly?
-What is your average transaction size?

How much do you pay each month for the software?

Current Processor:
-Who are you using for credit card processing?
-Do you get chargebacks?
-Do you know your rate? 
-Can you send statements prior to the meeting? Or have them at the meeting?

Timeline to switch? 
-Are you in a contract? 
-When does that end?

# Employees:
-How many employees do you have?
-Who are you using for payroll?
-Are you using anyone outside of your POS for reporting or employee management?

Other platforms/Tools
-Do you have any third party systems integrated into your POS? 
-What other systems are you using to manage your business? (Example: Mailchimp for Marketing, 5 Star Loyalty, ADP for Payroll? Homebase for scheduling? etc.)

-What is your timeline for making a switch to a new platform?

Push hard to get the seller to have statements ready for the call at hand