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hypertension review

Adherence to blood pressure medicine: Taking all as prescribed. In the morning/ at night.

Understands their medicines: Has a good understanding of their medicines.

Side effects : checked for dizziness, hypotension, light headedness, persistent cough, ankle swelling
->none reported or

Blood pressure readings:

target BP readings:

co-morbities managed:

lifestyle advice :

  • Reducing salt intake, eating fruit and vegetables daily
  • avoiding drinking too much alcohol, and losing weight will also help lower your chance of getting cardiovascular disease
  • Taking regular exercise.
  • Smoking cessation can help reduce the risk of other heart related conditions...
useful resources : How can lifestyle changes help lower blood pressure? | Patient
How to reduce blood pressure | BHF

safety net advice :
  1. To continue taking medicines as prescribed and
  2. If you experience any side effects please contact the doctor or nhs 111