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IronPlane Managed Support (“IPMS”) provides Clients with access to a dedicated team of Magento professionals, offering both technical and business user support. The services come in three subscription-based service offerings to meet the varying support needs and budgets of our Clients. From emergency support to minor fixes to custom upgrades, IPMS is designed with the goal of keeping Clients’ online presence running smoothly.

Examples of how a Client may use these support hours includes:
·      Code review/audit
·      Discovery
·      General consulting about ecommerce platforms, tools, integrations and other related subjects
·      Site coding and development (front end and back end)
·      Module installation
·      Bug fixes
·      Custom modules developed
·      Site speed optimization
·      Integrations with third party systems including ERP, marketing and fulfillment systems
·      Security patch installation
·      Site upgrades/updates
·      Site migrations
·      Training on the use the platform and tools

Minimum support plans are 20 hours per month at $148 per hour. Most clients on M2 need/want 30+ hours but we can help determine what is an appropriate level. Whatever commitment is made by the client based on a roadmap we put together with the client, we can assure them those hours are available each month.

Here is a typical breakdown of how 20 hours might be used in a month:

  • Magento Security Patches and Upgrades: Average 3 to 4 hours per month.
  • Project Manager Collaboration: Average 4 to 6 hours per month based on 20-hour per month support plan.
  • Urgent or Unplanned Requests: Average 2 hours per month based on a 20-hour support plan.
New feature coding and/or strategy planning: This can be whatever budget you a client wants to set based on roadmap. At 20 hours per month, you would have about 10 hours remaining each month to strategize with our team and for us to roll out new features. During the Code Review/Discovery we will lay out a roadmap so you can have a solid plan on these features. This will also help dictate the support plan level you may need.