Copy of Snippet "Ja'Lise's Intake "

Ja'Lise Browns'

Hello my name is Ja'Lise. I am your therapist for today and looking forward to talking with you. A few disclaimers:
1- this is not a crisis line, similar to in person therapy but does require additional assistance for emergencies such as calling authorities in case of an emergency (physical or mental health) 
2- I will need to confirm your physical address as you have to be in the state of MS when receiving therapy with me
3- Our first few sessions are like trying on a new shirt or pants, testing out the fit. If at any time you do not feel the fit is working please let me know so we can see what else we can do to assist. 
4- I welcome your feedback and need it as we continue our work together. We have to establish trust and if you don't trust me to accept feedback (even when critical) this space isn't safe enough and we need our spce to be as safe as possible. so please share feedback
5- lastly i am going to show up fully as myself, which includes some very black dress (power to the people fists, unks, african garb, head wraps etc,.) and also includes tired and excited, irritated and sad, these are all apart of being human and i hope you can do the same as we try the fit! 

Shall we get started? 

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Client names the top three impacting symptoms as ...

Client rates them on a scale of 1-10 as 
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