Copy of Snippet "JRT2 Task1 Formative Evaluation "

JRT2 Task 1 Overview and tips

Attached are templates with the two tasks with comments and suggestions. Here is an overview of the JRT2 performance assessment including tips and links to instruction.

JRT2 Task 1—Formative evaluation of an instructional unit 

You don’t carry out the plan, conduct the interview, or administer the questionnaire or survey.  You do write a plan including the interview questions and a questionnaire or survey.

  • Plan your evaluation.
    • Overarching purpose
    • Evaluation questions
      • 3+ open-ended questions
      • Support the purpose
      • Guide the interview questions and the survey/questionnaire questions
  • Prepare the interview and questionnaire or survey.
    • Review Interviews vs. Questionnaires.
    • Write an interview for one SME as an evaluation of an instructional tool such as a lesson plan.
      • Determine what type of interview to use:
        • Structureda set of prepared questions, no deviation.
        • Unstructured—no prepared questions, a conversation.
        • Semi-structureda set of prepared questions prepared, flexibility to ask follow-up questions or reword a question, etc.
      • Defend your choice. But describe all three of the interview types—not just the one you chose.
        • For instance, I chose ____ because ____. I did not choose _____ because ____. I did not choose ____ either because _____.
      • Write at least 8 open-ended questions that support and expand in the evaluation questions referenced above.
        • If you choose an unstructured interview, show how you envision the conversation progressing.
          • What questions would you use to start the conversation?
          • What questions would move the conversation toward your evaluation purpose or goal?
    • Prepare a survey or a questionnaire for a SME group or learner group (different from the interview participant).
      • Align your survey or questionnaire with your evaluation questions.
      • Prepare open-end or close-ended qualitative or quantitative questions.
      • Explain those choices above.