Copy of Snippet "KA FAQ"


What does KA stand for? Knowledge Assessment 

What should the student focus on for this course? ALL KA tests at the beginning of each unit. They are super important – ace one, and the student will skip a whole unit's work! Students only get one opportunity to take the KA test before each unit.

Can students still earn high school credit for this course?  YES - students can earn the FULL credit towards High school graduation with one course. This is two semesters of work within one course. Please note this course date ends on June 12th, however the expectation is to be logging in everyday to Stellar Virtual dashboard and completing work.

Are there live lessons for KA courses? No there are no live lessons HOWEVER teachers are available 8-5 Monday-Friday. Teachers have appointment links and office hours posted on the landing page within Bright Thinker.

What pace should the student work within the KA course? KA courses are like a turbo boost for catching up on credits. Got a class that threw you a curveball? KA courses are here to help you hit it out of the park and get back on track, pronto.

What should the student do when they finish a KA course? Notify their teacher so they can review the coursework and complete the course. THEN reach out to the academic counselor because you CAN start to work on the next course.