Copy of Snippet "Land/Manufactured/4x4"

{note}Send to BSA's SaM, MOD, or SaM Alias{endnote}{formmenu: default=Hello; Hi; Dear; Good Morning; Good Afternoon; Good Evening} {formtext: name=Sales Manager},

We have a buyer that is looking to see a {formmenu: default=First Time; Premier; First Time Premier; } {formmenu: default=land tour; manufactured home; home that requires a 4x4 vehicle to reach} in {formtext: name=Service Region/City}. Please advise on how we should move forward with this showing request.{note}If the buyer has already gone on tours a Redfin agent, please include the following option.{endnote}{formmenu: It does look like the buyer has gone on a few showings with our Redfin Lead Agent as well.; default=} Since we're not involved in the process of deciding next steps for this situation, the tour team is not contacting the buyer and will be relying on the Sales Manager team to do so, please be sure to connect with the buyer to provide updates for this. If Partnering is necessary, please initiate the process and let us know, as the tour team is not able to initiate partnering outside of AYCM. Thank you!

Tour Link: {import: /tl}
Buyer's Profile: {formtext: name=Buyer's Profile Link}