Copy of Snippet "New Construction Lender Welcome Email "

Welcome Email New Construction Lender

Hi @Lender First Name,

I'm the transaction coordinator working with @Agent First Name @Agent Last Name.
We're assisting @Buyers' Full Names (all linked) with the purchase of their home at @Property Listing Address. Please see attached for a copy of the purchase and sale agreement. 

Here are some important dates and information:

  • Mutual Acceptance Date: @Mutual Acceptance Date
  • Closing Date: @Closing Date
  • Purchase Price: @Final Price
Escrow/Title services provided by:
@Escrow Company Name 
@Escrow Company Address 

@Escrow Contact Info 

Listing agent's contact info:
@Listing Agent First Name @Listing Agent Last Name
@Listing Agent Phone 
@Listing Agent Email 

Financing Approval - Is there a Deadline that we can enter?
Please let us know if there are any documents we can provide or anything you need from us to meet this deadline. Please keep us posted on updates throughout the transaction.

Your Team
Finally, if you could provide me with a contact for processing, it will help me stay on top of things as closing approaches. Do you have any assistants, coordinators, or team emails that you would like for me to copy on our correspondence? 

Thank you!
We appreciate your hard work with our mutual clients so far! @Agent First Name and I look forward to working with you on this transaction. Please let us know if there's anything you need from us.