Copy of Snippet "New Creative Brief"

1) Project Description (Who is this ad for and what is it about):

  • xx

2) Type of Ad Design:
  • xx

3) Sizes Needed:
  • xx

4) Clips/Variations Needed:
  • # of Hooks - xx
  • # of Holds - xx
  • # Ads/Varations Total - xx

5) Ad Examples (Please Add At least 2 Links to the Reference Example Ads):
  • Ad Example 1:
  • Ad Example 2:

6) Explanation of Example Ads (Explain in detail what you want to be replicated/recreated from the example ads above):
  • xx

7) Text/Copy (Please type in the exact copy that you want to see on the ad itself and/or any formatting requirements):
Can also use tools like with the prompts in this doc >
  • xx

8) Target Audience (Who is this ad directed to? Which customer persona are we trying to resonate with?):
  • xx

~ Notes To Editor/Designer:
  • Make sure all the new creatives are placed in the same folder that is attached as the upload link on this task. You should have one for each client in the "Linked Content" folder in our team drive, and then in that you will have these creatives in a folder named after the task's name here on this table.
  • Make sure to communicate about this project specifically in the updates section below INSIDE this project rather than a Slack channel etc.
  • Change the status of this task to "Needs Review" once you're done editing and notify the team member that assigned it to you on Slack about the status update.
  • If you're not sure about something, ask questions, we all work better when there's open dialog and the results are always better.
  • Make sure to stay on top of your work, if something was in review and hasn't been reviewed yet 24 hours after then reach out to your assignee on the Slack channel and remind them.
  • The expected time/task is 0.5-1.5 hours. Most tasks are going to be batches of 3, which are actually creating one main version and then 2 other variations (which shouldn't take that long).
  • Ask about your previous projects. We will try our best to keep open dialog about previous projects how they performed etc, but it's key for you to also understand what worked and why, to start developing trends that you can follow in your work.