Copy of Snippet "New Manager Onboarding Checklist"

Checklist for onboarding a new manager

General Information

Full name: {formtext: name=Add Manager's full name here; cols=24}
New Manager's title: {formtext: name=Add Manager's exact title here; cols=25}
Start date: {formdate: LL}
Direct report of new Manager: {formtext: name=New Manager's direct report; cols=24}

Post-Offer Letter Onboarding

  • Confidentiality agreement signed by the New Manager: {formmenu: name=confidentiality agreement; Yes; default=No}
  • Background check completed for the New Manager: {formmenu: name=background check; Yes; default=No}
  • W-4 done: {formmenu: name=w4; Yes; default=No}
  • Direct deposit form: {formmenu: name=direct deposit form; Yes; default=No}
  • Employment application filled: {formmenu: name=employment application; Yes; default=No}
  • Personal data intake form filled: {formmenu: name=personal data intake; Yes; default=No}
  • New Manager's post offer letter onboarding is {formmenu: name=personal data intake; over; default=pending}

Company Policies
The new Manager has reviewed company policies on the following:

  • Acceptable use policy for technology and computing devices: {formmenu: name=acceptable use; Yes; default=No}
  • Asset management policy: {formmenu: name=asset management; Yes; default=No}
  • Code of conduct: {formmenu: name=code of conduct; Yes; default=No}
  • Data security policy: {formmenu: name=data security; Yes; default=No}
  • Leave policy: {formmenu: name=leave policy; Yes; default=No}
  • Confidentiality policy: {formmenu: name=confidentiality; Yes; default=No}
  • Acceptable dress code policy: {formmenu: name=dress code; Yes; default=No}
  • Safety policy: {formmenu: name=safety; Yes; default=No}
  • New Manager has reviewed all necessary company policies: {formmenu: name=company policies; Yes; default=No}

New Manager Onboarding - Administrative

  • Desk setup and work accessories from IT: {formmenu: name=desk and hardware; Pending; Done; default=Requested}
  • Enable e-mail and access to other software: {formmenu: name=email+software; Pending; Done; default=Requested}
  • ID cards, keys and conference room access: {formmenu: name=id+conf; Pending; Done; default=Requested}
  • Office supplies: {formmenu: name=id+conf; Pending; Done; default=Requested}

New Manager Onboarding - Human Resource

  • Introduce new manager to relevant team(s) and general staff: {formmenu: name=introduction; Done; default=Pending}
  • Give a tour of company facilities: {formmenu: name=tour; Done; default=Pending}
  • Schedule 1:1 meetings with relevant team members: {formmenu: name=meetings; Done; default=Pending}
  • Enroll new Manager within training programs: {formmenu: name=training; Done; default=Pending}
  • Schedule 30-day and 60-day retrospectives for the new Manager: {formmenu: name=training; Done; default=Pending}