Copy of Snippet "New OB visit"

Patient is a G{formtext: name=Gravid}P{formtext: name=Parous} who presents to establish OB care. 
Patient is {formtoggle: name=sure lmp; default=yes}sure of her LMP{endformtoggle}{formtoggle: name=unsure of lmp; default=no}unsure of her lmp{endformtoggle} LMP {note}{formdate: MM/DD/YYYY; name=date}{formtext: name=shifting; default=}{endnote: trim=right} EDD: {time: MM/DD/YYYY; at={=date}; pattern=MM/DD/YYYY; shift={=shifting}280D}

{formtoggle: name=multigravid; default=yes}Patient has a previous pregnancy history that is {endformtoggle}{formtoggle: name=uncomplicated; default=yes}uncomplicated. {endformtoggle}{formtoggle: name=complicated; default=no}complicated by {formparagraph: name=complications} {endformtoggle}. 

Past medical history and past surgical history is reviewed. {formtoggle: name=significant for\ ; default=no}It is significant for {formparagraph: name=significant history}.{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: name=transfer ob care; default=no}The patient transferred care from {formtext: name=previous doctor}. They report they have had {formmenu: default=prenatal labs; 1st trimester ultrasound\ ; 2nd trimester ultrasound; referral to MFM; oral glucose tolerance test; name=pregnancy care items; multiple=yes}.
{formtoggle: name=records received; default=no}Records have been requested and received.{endformtoggle}{endformtoggle}

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