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Spoke to (name of student and adult):  {formtext: default=Student name}& {formtext: name=Parent/Guardian}
Student’s Phone Number: {formtext: name=Student Phone number}
Program Details: IEP/504/ELL Plan:   {formmenu: YES; default=NO}
If yes → log the appropriate next step below:
IEP/504/ELL Plan-
Verified ESE/504/ELL needs documentation is ON FILE
IEP/504/ELL Plan-
Verified ESE/504/ELL needs
Email directions shared with {formtext: name=Name}
Contact Details Text: {formmenu: default=YES; NO}
Parent Number: {formtext: name=Parent Number}
Parent preferred method of contact for MCs-
Cabrera -- Parent will get bimonthly email updates
Parent Email verified in VSA
If no email, Parent Email:
{formtext: name=parent email}
Student Details: Interests:
{formtext: name=Hobbies}
Post high school plans:
{formmenu: College; default=Trade School; Workforce}
Student Job:
{formtext: name=Job?}
Reason for taking class:
{formmenu: Recovery Credit; default=Get Ahead (Summer); Next Course}
Course Details: Review pace chart & consistent work expectations
{formmenu: default=YES; NO}
Discussion of AI

{formmenu: default=YES; NO}
2 assignments per week minimum
14-day seat time
Live Lessons are available and a good idea!
Resource Site
Additional Notes {formtext: name=Questions?}