Copy of Snippet "Onboarding Call Follow-up"

Hi ,

Thanks again for hopping on the call today! It was really great meeting you and I'm looking forward to diving into some more configuration on our next call to make sure your platform is optimized to your workday. Check my calendar here to find a time that works best for you.

As a recap, in today's session we walked through...

  1. Pipeline
  2. Tiles
  3. Command+J
  4. Notes
  5. Tasks
Here is a link to our full HelpCenter with tons of short videos to answer all your questions. Want to know how to create a Tile? Or build a Kanban View? We've got you covered.

Also, I encourage you to share feedback, ask questions, and request product features through the Wish function at the bottom left-hand corner of the Scratchpad screen. The Invite button next to that will help you share the platform with colleagues (I'd recommend sending it to the BDR you work with and a team member or two!).