Copy of Snippet "Phone Screen"

Tell me about yourself and what you get up to outside of work? 

Why are you looking for a new position? 

What attracted you to this position? 

What skills do you think are transferable to this job? What skills do you think you will need to gain / improve on to be successful at this role?

Tell me about your most recent projects? What's the biggest project (value)? Smallest? How many projects have you overseen in anyone time?

What construction software have you used? In particular, what software do you use for scheduling or how do you schedule your projects? 

What are you currently earning?

Where do you live? How far are you prepared to travel? 

How soon are you able to start?

Do you have any holidays booked? 

What is your visa status?

What have you done with job search so far? 

Which companies did you apply with?

What agencies are you dealing with?

Do you have any interviews booked? 

If no, can I work exclusively with you?: 

Do you have any questions for me?