Copy of Snippet "Premier"

SF Premier Text Blaze

Hello {formtext: name=Agent Name}, {formtext: name=TR Name} with the tour team! I am reaching out regarding your client: {formtext: name=Client Name}. They have requested a {formmenu: default=Premier ($)\ ; First Time Premier ($)\ ; Ultra High End ($$)\ ; First Time Ultra High End ($$); First Time; } tour for {formtext: name=Date and Time of Tour}. I do see that your calendar is closed during the requested tour time, but due to the fact that this is a Premier tour, would you be able to tour with them at that time? {formmenu: \ If you are not available, are you open to do a drop in or are you okay with the AA taking this full tour by themselves?; } Please respond by {formtext: name=Time} as to how you would like to handle this. If we do not hear from you, {formmenu: default= we will reach out to the Sales Manager team for assistance on how to proceed; we will work on reassigning to a BSA that can assist.; } Thank you in advance!

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