Copy of Snippet "Rejection Letter"

Hi ${CandidateFirstName},
We greatly appreciate your time and interest in applying to the position of ${RequisitionTitle} - ${RequisitionNumber}
After careful consideration, we have decided not to move forward with your application for this specific role. However, we will keep you in mind for future career opportunities.
To further assist you with your internal job search, here are a few recommended actions:
·      Attend the Advantage YOU – Internal FIRST learning session on "Navigating Your Internal Job Search" to gain valuable insight, resources, and tips on how to effectively manage your internal job search in Oracle. For more information, visit the Advantage YOU website

·      Join the Advantage YOU Slack channel at #jobs-at-oracle to check out featured open positions in Oracle, plus learning sessions and programs that provide insight to career advancement
·      Check out the Career Explorer Tool where you can explore all Oracle job families and the job descriptions. How to use this tool is shared in the above learning session or, watch this OTube video for guidance 
Thanks again for your commitment to growing your career in Oracle.