Copy of Snippet "research"

New research note

Organization Website: 
Organization LinkedIn: 

True # of providers: [break into Physicians and Mids, update info in lead if incorrect and reassign to correct owner if necessary]

City: [Note whether it’s rural / if there is a major city nearby]

# of Locations: [if multiple locations, list all relevant phone numbers in next section if available]

Alternate phone #s: [any relevant office number available on the website, or link to page with #s, labeled with any information on where it goes to]

Is prospect # a cell?: Yes/No [Call first, and leave a VM, then text the number “Hi {{FirstName}}” and see if it bounces]

Specialty: [If in one of our High or Medium priority specialities, and is Yes POI, consider A lead personalized outreach]

Parent organization: [If there isn’t one, put “None.” More on this below]


Why this org DOES seem like a good fit for Phamily:

  • [List reasons it looks like this would be an ideal customer. This info will be used to prioritization of the lead, as well as inform personalized outreach]

Why this org DOES NOT seem like a good fit for Phamily:
  • [List reasons it looks like this WOULD NOT be an ideal customer. Often this will be related to whether there is an owner organization, i.e. they are part of a larger network, but could involve other factors as well. This will help determine prioritization of the lead. Tag Ben/Darshan/the AE if you have any questions about what you’re seeing, particularly about any relationship to a larger organization.]

What QUESTIONS need to be answered to determine if this is a good fit for Phamily:
  • [List questions that need to be answered. Such as “Do they have enough patients?” or “What is the true number of providers?” “Can they implement their own software?” This will help inform a discovery call and make it more efficient.]

Additional color from online research:
  • [List any additional color that you see on their website/LinkedIn/Google search. Include interesting facts from the About Me page, any articles they may have written/been quoted in, facts from press releases, etc. Keep the bullet points as brief as possible and include links to sources]