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Caller name:
 {site: text; selector=.main_panes + .ember-view .organization-pill + .ember-view}
Preferred contact number:
 {site: text; selector=[data-test-id="ticket-call-controls-customer-phone-number"]}
Caller email address:
Pharmacy name or license number:
 {site: text; selector=.main_panes + .ember-view .organization-pill}
Is this store part of a chain (Central Site)?:
Confirm that the correct store is selected in Zendesk.
Identify the product/application causing the issue.
Product/App name (WinRx, WinScan, Rx30, Rx30 POS, Central, Rx30 POS Delivery, etc.):
Version/Build number:
Is this the latest release of this product/app:
OS the product is installed on (Windows 11, CentOS 7, iOS 14.8.1, etc.):
Description of issue:
Is this the first time the store has reported the issue? If not, provide the ticket number for the first report here.
Is this issue related to a known issue to your knowledge? If so, link the ticket to the problem ticket number.
What are the exact steps to reproduce the issue? Be specific.
Are there any error messages presented to the user or log files when the issue occurs? If so, document the messages here.
When did this issue start? (include date and time)
 {time: YYYY-MM-DD}
Were there any noteworthy events or changes involving the system/account leading up to the issue? (build updates, OS version changes, network changes, setting changes, power outages, etc.)
Is the issue continuous (always) or intermittent (sometimes)?
Are there any patterns when the issue occurs?
How many users are being effected by this issue?
Check for Knowledge Base articles relevant to this issue. If you find one, link it here.
List the troubleshooting steps taken while diagnosing/resolving the issue: