Copy of Snippet "Sign Up Instructions"

Hi Wadiya,

Welcome, again -- we can’t wait to work with you! One of the first steps to earning more on your vacation home is getting your owner account set up. Just find the email we sent you called “Getting Started with Evolve,” open the link to your Home Owner Account setup, and create your username and password. Then follow these steps.

Step 1: Accept Our Agreement
We only take 10% of what you make — and we only make money when you do.

Step 2: Verify Property Ownership
We’ll need a little info to verify your property, like the last four of your SSN, your birthday, and your address.

Step 3: Enter Bank Account
Making money is fun, and we want to help you get it faster. Just enter the account and routing number where you want your funds deposited.

Step 4: Enter Credit Card
We’d only use your credit card in special circumstances -- like when you cancel a booking.

Step 5: Property Wizard
We can’t wait to hear all about your property. This is your chance to share all of its best features.

Next up: A professional photo shoot of your home! We’ll be in touch to get this scheduled as soon as you’ve completed this process.

Thanks so much,