Copy of Snippet "Unit 5 Portfolio"

Unit 5 Portfolio Feedback

I reviewed your written response. {formmenu: The response successfully
addresses the task with an
effective organizational
structure, creating a sense of
completeness, coherence, and
cohesion. The response is fully
developed with a controlling
idea throughout.; default=The response adequately addresses
the task with an observable
organizational structure and a sense
of completeness, though some ideas
may be loosely connected. The
response is sufficiently developed
with a controlling idea.; The response addresses the
task with an inconsistent
organizational structure. The
response is somewhat
developed and may drift from
the controlling idea.\n; The response attempts to address
the task with little or no
observable organizational
structure. The response lacks
relevant development and may
provide only a minimal
controlling idea.; The response is
inappropriate to
the task,
purpose, and
audience.; Nonscorable
A response is nonscorable if it meets any of the following criteria.
• Unintelligible
• In a language other than English
• Off-topic
• Copied text; name=quality_of_ideas}

Please review the hyperdoc for information on what corrections can be made to earn more points. Corrected portfolios are to be sent via webmail if needed. Portfolios will not be reset. In order to improve your score, you will need to make corrections and send this via webmail.