Copy of Snippet "UX Analysis"

Many of our clients desire a formal UX analysis before design. We will review this with you in Discovery to determine if this approach makes sense for your project. The scope of work for the UX Analysis may include:

  • An independent evaluation of your current site. This service is the place to start if you're unsure what can be improved on your current site(s), are beginning a new design project, or you need some advice on how to give your business a competitive edge, and/or expand your dealer reach.
  • The UX Analysis may involve:
    • An outline of business objectives and study goals (prepared with key stakeholders)
    • Problem definition and outline of assumptions
    • Competitor and market analysis
    • Research of users, website observation (using tools such as Fullstory) 
    • Heuristic evaluation 
  • Deliverables:
    • A detailed report written in accessible language outlining the goals, objectives and results of the UX research 
    • Recommendations and a clear roadmap with estimations to implement on the new site that will improve user experience 
    • A presentation of the outcomes and recommendations for next steps

The UX Analysis phase is based on time/materials ($148/hr) and we are estimating approximately 50 hours to complete.