Copy of Snippet "V23 1.06 Help Text"

Use the template on the last page of the lesson to help you get started. Be sure to include the following: 
-List three civic obligations or responsibilities of U.S. citizens. (review page 2) 
Answer each of the following questions with at least two complete sentences:  
-What does it mean to be a good citizen? (review pages 2-3) 
-What is the difference between a civic obligation and a civic responsibility? Be sure to give an example for each to help explain. (review page 2) 
-When have you fulfilled a civic obligation or responsibility? (review pages 5 and 7) 
-Why is it important to a community for people to have good citizenship? (review pages 5 and 7) 
-What could happen if people do not fulfill a civic obligation or responsibility? Give a specific example. (review page 7)