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Bari Lyman is the founder of Meet to Marry™, a transformational dating method that has helped thousands of singles get unstuck in love, permanently break free from unconscious dating & relationship patterns, and summon their soulmate. Featured in, JDate, & SELF. Stephen Covey praised it as “smart, principled, and engaging.

You have a plan for everything else, why not love? :sparkling_heart:

:sparkling_heart: Have you done enough therapy and self-help to last a lifetime? 
:sparkling_heart: Have you checked all the boxes in every other area and created a life you love?
:sparkling_heart: Are you #marriageminded and tired of endless bad dates and relationships that go nowhere?

You can schedule a FREE STEP INTO LOVE CLARITY SESSION with Bari at 
Step Into Healthy Love Clarity Session

On this session, we will craft a step-by-step game plan to break out of frustrating dating patterns, to open your heart, shift your mindset so you can find true healthy love. NOW. 
From our time together you will...
:sparkling_heart: Create a new and real goal and clear intention for your love life that is 100% true to yourself and your vision. 
 💖 Discover what’s getting in your way of finding that person and how to solve it NOW, not next month, next year or in 5 years. but NOW.
:sparkling_heart: Together, we’ll create a strategic, tactical & practical plan for reaching your goal of achieving your dream and living it.

You’ll walk away with a plan to transform your soulmate dreams into a concrete reality within just a few months.