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Wart Treatment

Presents with {cursor} for wart treatment; referred by{cursor}
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Location & Description of warts:
Warts present since: 
At home care

Area cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Using a scalpel blade, wart(s) debrided to remove calloused skin. Histofreeze applied to (each) wart x40 seconds.

Procedure tolerated well/was difficult.

Plan & Teaching:

Advised to avoid picking and touching warts to avoid contamination and spreading. Wear socks and shoes around others. Keep clean and dry. Monitor for signs of infection post treatment. After 1 week once dead skin falls off, may continue with at-home method of debridement using pumice or file after bathing and may choose an OTC wart treatment to apply following instructions on label. RTC in 3 weeks for repeat treatment.