Copy of Snippet "Welcome Call Complete"

Welcome Call Log

--Spoke to {formtext: name=Name of Student} and {formtext: name=Name of Adult}

--Student Phone Number {formtext: name=Student Phone Number}

--Parent Phone Number {formtext: name=Parent Phone Number}

--OK to text? {formmenu: default=Yes; No; name=OK to Text?}

--Parent Preferred Contact Method: {formmenu: default=Text; Email; Call; name=Parent Preferred Contact Method}

--Parent waived MC if student is within 4 weeks of pace, has a C or higher, and worked in the last 7 days. {formmenu: default=Yes; No; name=GAS OK?}

--IEP/504? {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=IEP/504?}. {if: `iep/504?` == "Yes"}{formmenu: IEP/504 Submitted and on File; default=IEP/504 Not Submitted, and I gave them the ESE team email to submit. I followed up with the ESE follow up email.; Parent chooses not to submit, I encouraged them to submit and followed up with the ESE follow up email.; name=IEP/504 Submitted?}{endif}

--Reviewed Pace Chart - student wishes to {formmenu: default=Follow Standard Pace.; Finish by\ ; name=Pace Chart}{if: `pace chart` == "Follow Standard Pace."} We discussed the expectation to complete 2-3 assignments per week. We also discussed the student should submit weekly, even if they are ahead of pace.{else}{formdate: MM/DD/YYYY; name=Finish Date}. We discussed how many assignments should be completed per week to achieve that goal.{endif}

--Discussed Academic Integrity: Yes