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Spoke with the student and {formtext: name=name}{formmenu: ; (mom); default=(dad)\ ; (guardian)}.
Program Details: Educational Plan
IEP/504/ELL Plan – {formmenu: Yes; default=No} verified status with {formmenu: mom; default=dad\ ; guardian}
IEP/504/ELL Plan – verified ESE/504/Ell needs; {formmenu: default=; documentation is ON FILE; documentation is NOT on FILE}
IEP/504/ELL Plan – verified ESE/504/ELL needs; email directions shared with {formmenu: default=; person}
Contact Details: 
Student’s Phone Number: {formtext: name=number}
Parent Number: {formtext: name=phone}
Parent preferred method of contact for {formmenu: Text; default=Email; Call}
Parent waived MC if student is within 4 weeks of pace, has a C or higher and worked in last 7 days {formmenu: Yes; default=No}
Student Details: 
Interests: {formmenu: outdoors; default=indoors; sports; music; online school; brick & mortar; spend time with family\ ; spend time with friends} {formtext: name=interests}
Student availability: {formmenu: mornings; default=evenings; all day\ } {formtext: name=availability\ }
Reason for taking the class: {formmenu: default=To have a better pronunciation.; To travel abroad.; To have a conversation in Spanish.; To complete a second language credit.; To work ahead and get HS credits.} {formtext: name=more reasons}
We reviewed the pace chart and consistent work expectations, and to submit 2 assignments per week minimum. We also discussed AI, Grace Period, 14-days seat time, and that live lessons are available in this course and are a great way to interact with the content. The student will use {formmenu: traditional 32-36 weeks; default=accelerated 16-18 weeks}pace chart.

Additional Notes: 
I will activate on {formmenu: today; Wednesday}, although student can start working anytime!! :)