Copy of Snippet "Welcome Email Lender Sell-Side"

Welcome Email to Lender on Sell-Side

Hi @Lender First Name ,

My name is Lynn, and I'm the Transaction Coordinator for the Seller's Agent ,@Agent First Name @Agent Last Name , on the property @Property Listing Address . I will be checking in periodically on the status of the loan for the buyer(s) of this property @Unknown Tag 

**Please advise us when the appraisal is scheduled. 
If the appraiser needs an agent to let them in the property, please have them contact the listing agent for access.

Listing agent's contact info:
@Agent First Name @Agent Last Name 
@Agent Email 
@Agent Cell Phone 

Please include me on all appraisal and lending updates for this transaction, as well as any email communication to @Agent First Name 

Attached documents: Purchase & Sale Agreement

Escrow has been set up with:
@Title Contact Info 

Estimated Close Date: @Closing Date 

The loan commitment/approval letter is due on: @Financing Contingency Date 
Please send us a copy of the loan commitment letter as soon as it is available so we can provide it to the listing agent and remove the financing contingency.

Finally, if you could provide us with a contact for processing/funding, that will help us stay on top of things as closing approaches.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you towards a smooth closing. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.