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{formmenu: default=I know that this wellness plan is challenging, but let's see how we can increase our grade.; Resubmitting can seem tough, but the effort is worth it.; You are on the right track. Let's see if I can help you get over this hurdle.; name=Growth mindset}

{formtoggle: trim=left}{formmenu: For additional credit, please; -20 add the dates that you completed your physical activity,; add at least 315 minutes of physical activity to your physical activity log in section 4 to receive credit.; -70 1,2,4,5 -80 3.6 For full credit in section 4, we ask for 420+ physical activity minutes.; Since your last log in section 4 ended on 9/10. We can only use dates from 9/11 onward on this log in section 4.; review section 4 as it looks like you added dates that are in the future. We are not able to add credit for workouts that have not happened yet.; \ make the appropriate changes. In addition, we should see; -30 add at least 3 different types of physical activity in section 4. We should see a variety of exercise to your workout routine. Click Here for examples.; multiple=yes; trim=no}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: default=In addition, please review your MAD goals. Remember, they should be:; -5 Measurable: How will you determine if/when you reach it? Is there a starting and ending point? How often will you attend? How many days a week will you exercise?; -5 Attainable:How will you determine if/when you reach it? Are you making your goals achievable?; -5 and deadline-driven.  Do you have a set time to complete your goal? In 2 weeks? Next year? 10 years?; Please review your physical goal, social goal, academic goal, emotional goal and make the appropriate changes.; name=MAD; multiple=yes; trim=no}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: default=We should also have\ ; -40 the correct fitness results.  \ ; -7The time you spent walking or running 1 MILE (i.e. 20 minutes); -7How many push-ups you do without losing cadence and form (i.e. 4); -7How many curl ups you do without losing cadence and form (i.e. 20); -7How far you were able to stretch safely in your sit and reach (i.e. 11 in) It is recommended that you stretch no farther than 12 inches.; -7How far you were able to stretch safely in your trunk lift (i.e. 11 in) It is recommended that you stretch no farther than 12 inches.; -7Your BMI score results (i.e. 22.4)  (page 3, lesson 1.03); -7Your Aerobic capacity score results (i.e. 39.2)  (page 3, lesson 1.03); Fitness Standards for Females Fitness Assessment Standards for Females - Google Docs          Fitness Standards for Males Fitness Assessment Standards for Males - Google Docs Sit and reach-; Trunk Lift-; Curl up-; Push up-; BMI/Aerobic Capacity-; name=Fitness Tests; multiple=yes; trim=yes}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: -5 Don't forget to add how ALL your workouts impact all 5 of the health-related fitness components in the second reflection question. (Cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, body composition, flexibility)  Review lesson 1.08 & click here for help:; name=Health Related Components; trim=no}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: Please also add\ ; default=-20 Your correct THR results- (page 5 lesson 1.06)  Your lower limit should be in the 50th percentile (lower limit) to the 85 percentile (upper limit) numbers. Those 2 numbers are considered the lower and upper limits of your target heart rate zone. So, a 15 year old with a RHR (resting Heart Rate) of 65 will have a THR zone that looks like: (lower limit 50%) 135-184 (upper limit 85%). You may also refer to the video below for more help, or reach out. Please review your lower limit, upper limit and make the appropriate changes.\ ; THR Video-; THR Example-; name=Target Heart Rate; trim=left; multiple=yes}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: -20 In addition, please review the dates on your flexibility and muscular endurance logs. Typically, we want your stretches to be completed on the same day as your strength workouts.\ ; Also, please be sure that the dates on your workouts match the dates you completed your physical activity log in section 4.\ ; The dates should not be before your workouts began in section 4.\ ; There should also be no dates in the future.; name=Logs don't align; multiple=yes; trim=left}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: -50 Also, please add your correct results for your flexibility log. The logs should have both dates you completed your workout. Stretches should be performed for all 8 muscle groups, at least 2 days in the same week. You may stretch every day. The suggested stretch time can be 2 repetitions held anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds. Please use these videos as examples:; name=Flexibility; trim=no}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: -50 Also, please add your correct results for your muscular strength log. The logs should have both dates you completed your workout. For the best results, please complete all the first muscular endurance exercises at the beginning of the week. Then, it is suggested that you rest those muscle groups between 48 and 72 hours. Then, all second workouts should be completed no later than the same week you started your first workout. You may select different exercises than those listed. The suggested sets range from 2-3, and the suggested number of repetitions range between 8 and 10. (to challenge yourself with heavier weight) For lighter weight or body weight, up to 18 repetitions can be completed to your comfort level.; name=Muscular; trim=no}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: -15 Your reflection answers should have full details. Please review your reflections and make changes.; name=Reflections; trim=no}{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: trim=no}{formmenu: -5 Please make revisions to your positive and negative advertisement chart. Please take a look at the description, technique and explanation to see if it is completed correctly. (3); -5 Please also review your behavior in physical activities chart answers.; -5 Please also review your steroid/risk chart links and descriptions.; -5 Please also review your substance/risk chart answers.; -5 Please also review your skills chart answers. Please add your reflections for speed, balance, reaction time, power, agility, coordination. (2); -5 Please also review your FITT chart answers. Please add the reflections for frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. (1); name=Charts; trim=no; multiple=yes}{endformtoggle}
You may make the changes and resubmit.
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