Copy option to have it directly on the clipboard

Is there a way to create an option to copy something directly to the clipboard instead of selecting all the text on the template?

thank you

Hello Aldo,

Could you help me understand better your use case? If you need to select something on the page, you can use the {site} command.

If you need to paste from your clipboard, we also have the {clipboard} command

yea sure, what i am trying to do is put an option
at the end of the number as you can see on the image, that allows me to copy the number that is in yellow.

the number as taken from a website, but i need a shortcut to copy that, instead of selecting all the number and then Ctrl + C. i would like having a direct option to just click on it and have it on my clipboard, i do not know if that is better explanation that i did before xd, hope this helps you understand my question :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification! Once you copy the numbers, what do you plan to use it for?

If you need to use it on another browser tab, you could also do this by using the {site} selector. You can access data across tabs by using the "Advanced settings", and specifying the domain.

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thank you for your answer i will use that :slight_smile:

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