Copy text from another tab

Here's what I want to do:

Automatically go to a different Chrome tab
Grab contents of a field from that page
Go to the original Chrome page and paste the copied information

Seems easy enough but I also saw that this app does not allow for copy paste, or ctrl c/v commands.

I also do a ton of the same things over and over that automation would be perfect for but it requires me to go between Chrome tabs. Can automation go between Chrome tabs or does it HAVE to stay in the same tab?

Thanks for such an amazing product. Seriously helps me out so much in my daily work.

There are two relevant commands to this that you will want to look into. {clipboard} which allows you to insert the clipboard contents and {site} which allows you to extract part of a page.

However, the exact workflow you describe isn't currently supported. The way it would be supported is if we extended the {site} command to allow you to extract information from a tab different than the one you are currently on.

This is something that we've considered in the past, but we haven't managed to figure out an easy way for users to reference other tabs than the one they are on. If you have any ideas, please suggest them!