Copy text to clipboard

How do I copy text from a snippet to my clipboard? I must be missing something ... sorry for the newbie request.

To clarify, I'd like the text 'Request: Add Request Here' to be placed in my clipboard:

> Request: Add Request Here
> {if: dropDown == "new user"} Do this ...
>  {else} Do that ... { endif}

Hey Ian! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Don't worry, we appreciate all questions!

However, you will have to just copy and paste your desired text, as the {clipboard} command doesn't copy it for you. Instead, it helps you interact with your copied text in your snippets.

I linked the guide to the clipboard command for you to review.

Have a great day!

  • Dylan

In addition to what Dylan said, can you tell us where you intend to paste the text from your clipboard?

Probably you can do what you need in some other way (without using the clipboard)

It's to be used in a text field located on the same page. I've tried using autopilot commands. However, the task I'm performing is time limited and tabbing through 30+ fields takes a lot longer than simply copying and pasting the text. Also, dependent on the current state of the page, the number of visible page items changes (text fields/dropdowns/checkboxes), so autopilot is pretty much out of the question.

Thank you. That's what I was going to suggest and it's good to know that you already considered it.

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If you'd like I can move your post to the #ideas category.

I greatly appreciate your suggestions. I also was just looking into the selector item, but sadly I think it can only obtain data, not insert it.

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