Count how many time a macro is used

I have a very simple text macro, which just consistently sends the same text.
I would like to be able to count the number of times this macro is used, is it possible to export the day and time of each use of this macro, without adding a field to fill in?

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When you say "export", do you mean to download a text file with this usage data? Otherwise, there is a simple graph on the Usage page which contains your number of triggers per day for the past month. Is that sufficient for your needs?

Hi @Gaurang_Tandon ,

thank you for your answer.
No, I just need one line on a sheet per use of the macro, so at the end of the week I can count "ok we use this macro 65 time this week" for exemple.
The graph is cool but the trigger I want to track is not on the count (in the category other snippets) so this solution does not work ...

This is not possible currently, but we are working on a new feature that should make it possible. I'll follow up with more details on this latest by next week. Cheers!

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Hey @user412 ! Check out this thread from a while back. Saving Snippet Forms to Google Spreadsheets
Maybe this can help as well until such time as a more robust usage stats solution is implemented.

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