Create a button

I would like to create a button that I can use instead of my typical hyperlinks. I'm not sure if this requires HTML code or not. I've looked at what my company uses and think it looks something like this:

{{insertURLhere}}<" style="display:inline-block;line-height:20px;border-radius:4px;background-color:#5951ff;padding:8px 16px;color:#ffffff;text-decoration:none"> See available times

Can anyone provide any insight if this is possible within text blaze?


Hey @Connor_Peck !

We don't support full-on HTML or CSS like this inside of snippets. The best way to accomplish this would be to create the button outside of Text Blaze, then use an image of it in your snippet. The image can include a link so it functions like a button (highlight the image in your snippet and then click the link button in the editor options).

If you need the link to be dynamic, you can use the {link} command instead of the link option in the editing tools.


dig it and that makes sense. Thank you Andrew!