Cross-Plan Interaction

Hello! I currently use the Pro plan. If I upgrade to the Business plan, and I share a few snippets with a few colleagues who are still on the Basic plan, am I able to have those folks under my "Teams with shared folders" as well as reportable under "Consolidated org usage statistics"? Or, must all users be on the Business plan?


Hi, you'll be able to share with your colleagues who are on the Basic plan.

However, you won't be able to add them to organization teams and won't have access to usage statistics for them unless they join your organization.

Thank you for the fast reply! Am I correct that they cannot join the organization unless they too are on the Business plan?

That is correct, organization owners pay for the Business plan for all members of the organization.

Oh - I think I understand now. So, If I upgrade my Pro plan to Business, and want my colleagues to be able to engage in the Business features, then they must also be upgraded from Basic to Business and I (or really my company) would handle the billing for all users. Do I have it right? :smiley:

Hi Brad,

You can learn more here:

Basically, you start by upgrading your account from Pro to Business. This will create a Business Organization with you as the admin. You then invite users to join that organization.

When they join they will gain access to Business features. You will be billed for the number of users that are part of your organization.

So the other users don't have to pay for an upgrade to Business, they get Business features by joining your organization and the organization admin pays all the organization members. When the other users leave the organization they will lose access to Business features.

Hope that clears things up.

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Makes absolutely perfect clear sense. Thank you for your moments!