CSS Selector not working on the same profile on different computers

Hello Text Blaze,

I am currently having a problem where I use Text Blaze on different stations (with the same Synced Google Profile) in my company, but sometimes, the selectors just do not register the link (although it is basically the same, with nothing changed).

Every time this happens, I will have to go through all of my snippets and assign the link-grab again (even though they are just the same). I have checked to see if there was anything changed in the URL, however, there were no changes.

I originally thought that the problem came from the CSS but it's returning a URL error, not a path error.

Sorry if I can not share the website here, but it's not allowed.

Hi @DaveH ,
Welcome to Text Blaze community.

It looks it is an issue with the page setting. Everytime you log into a different computer, it might be having a different URL.

While using a selector you would be shown the options for the page. You can select one of it as per your convenience.

If this does not solve the issue, please email us at support@blaze.today with the snippet contents and a video recording. So we can understand better what the issue is.

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