{cursor} command not activating after insertion (Linkedin/Google Docs)

I use {cursor} in the Snippet Content yet when the contents are inserted the cursor does not revert to the {cursor} position in the body of the text, but to the very end of all the text as if the command is not there.

This issue occurs on specific sites which modify the contents of inserted during insertion snippets.

This includes Linkedin which, as you observe in your other forum post, adds an extra newline for each newline in your snippet (when using styled snippets) and Google Docs which adds an extra new line at the end of multi-line snippets.

These added characters make it difficult for Text Blaze to identify where to place the cursor after snippet insertion which leads to it being misplaced in these cases.

We're always working on developing more advanced ways to insert snippets and avoid issues like these. However, you need to work around the issue for now, the error should be consistent in terms of how many characters off the correct location the cursor is placed for a given snippet on Google Docs or Linkedin. So you could offset your {cursor} location in the source snippet by that amount to make the final result be correct.