Cursor misplaced on Gmail


When I use Text Blaze on Gmail (95% of my usage), the cursor is always placed before the inserted text instead of after.

I works on other apps such as Notion ?

Do you have any idea on how to fix this ?


Below a snippet example

@Thibaut_Wilhelm welcome to the forum! Sorry for your issue :frowning:

Do you have other extensions in your Chrome browser? To list them, click the puzzle icon on top right:


If yes, please let me know if disabling the other extensions solves the issue. Thanks!

Hi @Gaurang_Tandon,

Yes I have many other extensions. I have just tried to disable those extensions (not remove) and it does not solve the issue.

=> Vidyard Recording?


Thanks, that's a very helpful screen recording. It seems I'll need more information, as this is a very rare issue. Please email me at so that I can help you better.