Customizable extension window and search

I have 2-300 snippets. Using the search box with the extension window in Chrome is getting too cumbersome when the amount of snippets is starting to add up. Especially if you have any snippets that use some of the same text with only minor differences.

  1. The search window showing the snippet examples is too narrow. Please let us be able to customize the window width. This would help out a lot.
  2. It should be possible to save tags or something on the snippets. I don't know the perfect solution yet, but there should be an easier way to sort and search between your snippets. I get way to many and too general results when searchin within the extension window.

Thanks. I love Text Blaze!

Hi @Robert_Shaw,

Thanks for your suggestion.

With regards to tags, you could do that by adding a note at the beginning of the snippet and adding hashtags in there.

{note}#marketing #advert{endnote}

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Hi Robert! In case you have several snippets with very little textual difference, I would suggest you look into the {import} command (see demo video here). It will help you manage your snippet content's in a sustainable manner.


The search box displays: snippet shortcut, snippet name and snippet matched content.
We could of course allow resizing the box as you suggest, but even that may not be sufficient to display the full snippet content. Is the snippet shortcut/name not a relevant indicator of difference in the snippet results that you're seeing?

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